Posted on Thu, 8 Dec 2011

Break Dawn With Carlisle Cullen In HK!

Vampire lovers in Hong Kong who want to see Part 1 of the concluding saga to Twilight, aka Breaking Dawn can catch the action at the film’s premier on 14 December at 9.30pm at AMC Cinema in Pacific Place for HK$500 and meet sire of the clan Cullen – Papa Vampire, Dr Carlisle Cullen (actor Peter Facinelli) at the same time. White makeup and fangs not guaranteed.

The premier is being organised by FilmAid in partnership with the UNHCR or the United Nationa Refugee Agency and other global aid organisations. The monies raised go towards information and education, skills training and self-empowerment, psychlogical relief and healing from the trauma of war and displacement. Buy the tickets at

Tell me, do you think Edward Cullen look thicker around the waist in this poster or is it my imagination?

Also what’s with the ‘Gone With The Wind’ apocalyptic-style backdrop and the cheap looking polyester (floppy looking-supposed to be silk) shirt that Edward is wearing?

On a funnier note – I got this other visual off Facebook from a friend.

Now, this – my male friend claims should be the right pairing based on Jacob’s tight tee with bulging muscles and Edward’s soft, pale skin and floppy, loose shirt theory.

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