Posted on Mon, 8 Aug 2011

Healthy, Organic Munchies You Must Get!

We all need a bit of refueling occasionally and if you have to eat something to quell that gnawing hunger then it might as well be healthy and good for you. We came across two marvellous range of luxury munchies, Organic Bars and Pilli Nuts by Stephen James that we just had to recommend. The brains behind this new eat and run snack are Drs. Stephen and James Costello, two American-born brothers who have lived in Hong Kong since the mid 1980s. Their dream: to bring the world’s finest, value-added, authentically organic products to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and other progressive Asian cities; as well as overseas established markets like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.


The Energy Bars are organic, pre-sprouted and make great portable snacks for the handbag that you can nibble for a pick me up without hurting the waist or the wallet.  They are made by soaking all of its organic whole food nut and seeds constituents in RO water for 12 hours or more before incorporating them into the recipes and drying the bars to edible perfection for 48 hours.  This process preserves the energy giving, youthening enzymes which are present in the pre-sprouted whole-food constituents. The low-heat dried nuts and seeds are energy loaded and have naturally occuring enzymes, fiber and protein that also improve digestion, have no added chemicals, no soy, no dairy, no sugar, no gluten, oats, wheats, preservatives and only use Saffron Pink Himalayan Salt  and as such, eating it offers no additional weight gain. Of course, clever packaging and copy have helped the marketing process along and we love the fun and funky packaging of each bar in these series. Each costs HK$39 to HK$45.

The other gourmet munchie are their Volcanic Pili Nuts which are organic certified (by Agriculture Department of the Philippines), Kosher certified and Vegan certified. Harvested from tropical Pili Trees growing in the Philippines Rain Forest, the nuts are rooted deeply in rich, volcanic soil and have the most delicate and buttery taste. They are treated with Stephen James proprietary sprouting and dehydrating methods in order to preserve all enzymes, nutrients, and natural goodness and the magic oils in these nuts are said to contain the highest amount of Vitamin E in the nut world, replenishing and repairing skin from inside out.  The Omega oils in this type of nut allow for optimum absorption into the body as they are in their most pristine and most active state, since they have never been exposed to extreme heat, which kills the oils and renders them useless.  They are not raw, which would deactivate the enzyme in the oils and therefore become not easily digested and become a fattening source. A 34g packet is HK$38 and a 150g can is HKS$138

Both the Pili Nuts and the Energy Bars are available at “Great” at Pacific Place whilst the Energy Bars are also available at all “360” supermarkets. See website:

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