Posted on Fri, 15 Jun 2012

Plump Up That Complexion!

According to FANCL, there is only so much make-up and skin care can do for your skin. You also have to ingest and digest to revive and that’s why they have come up with a newly formulated supplement called Hyaluro Premium which boosts skin moisture retention and contains nano-size Hyaluronic Acid that is absorbed orally. It supposedly revives gloomy skin texture and brings out the hidden glow from within.

I remember being hooked on Imedeen long ago but that was two decades ago and I was also in my twenties that was when the force of gravity was alot less cruel and the effects looked neglible. With a 30 day supply sitting in front of me right now, I plan to pop one sachet a day to see what the effects look like. And trust me in your 40s – you really know when you are on to a good thing as it will start to show! So if you want to know drop me a line on facebook and I will share.. 

How to ingest beauty that works from the inside out: take one sachet which has 6 tablets of Hyaluro Premium once daily. These contain Hyaluronic Acid and Longan and Lychee Seed Extract that ensures that the skin texture looks plump, pores and fine lines due to dryness start to disappear and even make up becomes easier to apply. Each box has a 30 day supplyand is priced at S$120 in Singapore.   

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